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NYSCHP REF Board of Directors 2017- 2018
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Research Award Application
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NYSCHP REF Board of Directors 2017 - 2018

  • John Manzo, PharmD, FASHP, Chair, New York University Langone Health System
  • Bruce A. Pleskow, BS, Treasurer, Baxter
  • Shaun Flynn, Secretary, NYSCHP
  • Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer, PharmD, FASHP, Westchester Medical Center Health System
  • Kimberly Zammit, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP, Kaleida Health/Buffalo General Hospital
  • Stacy Kilkenny, Volunteer
  • Frank Sosnowski, BS, MS, Montefiore Medical Center
  • Deborah A. Wible, PharmD, Northwell Health, Forest Hills Hospital
  • Anthony J. Longo, PharmD, Northwell Health
  • Philip Manning, MScPharm, BS, Mount Sinai, Queens
  • Gerry Meglio, BS, Lilly USA
  • Rosario (Russ) Lazzaro, MS, RPh, New York University Langone Medical Center/Perlmutter Cancer Center
  • Lisa Phillips, B.S., PharmD, CACP ,BAAP, St. John Fisher College (SJFC) and Wegmans School of Pharmacy (WSOP)
  • Darren Culshaw, PharmD, Global Center for Scientific Affairs, Merck Research Labs
  • Lou Diorio, RPh, FAPhA, LDT Health Solutions, Inc.
  • Angela Cheng, PharmD, BCPS, Montefiore Medical Center
  • Melissa Porricelli, BS, Novo Nordisk
  • Keith Veltri, PharmD, Touro College of Pharmacy/Montefiore Medical Center
  • Christopher J. Jadoch, RPh, JD, D’Youville School of Pharmacy



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NYSCHP REF Award Application

New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation Research Awards

General Instructions
Please read and follow these instructions carefully. The application requirements are on page two of this document. Only after all the requested information has been received, will an application be considered complete and eligible for evaluation by the NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation’s (Foundation) grant award review panel. If the application is incomplete or incorrectly prepared, the application will be returned, resulting in possible delay until the next application period. If you would like to apply for more than one award category, a separate application must be submitted for each.

Please submit two versions of the application:
1. One with all requested fields filled out with file name = “Investigator Last Name, Date (e.g. 10-15-14), full application”
2. A second version with all personal information and institution name removed (to serve as the blinded copy given the review panel). The file name = “Blinded, Date (e.g. 10-15-14)”.


  • The principal project must take place within the State of New York and the sponsoring institution must support the project proposal
  • Once the project is completed, a manuscript should be in an electronic format ready for submission to a peer reviewed journal or a poster presentation at the NYSCHP Annual Assembly
  • The principal investigator must submit to the Foundation, not more than six (6) months after the grant is awarded, an interim
  • progress report on the accomplishments to date
  • The project must be completed within twelve (12) months from the date of the grant award and a final report must be submitted within sixty (60) days of the project’s completion

Annual Assembly
Presentation of the award will be made at the New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists’ (NYSCHP) Annual Assembly, which usually takes place in April/May of each year. Only one person can be named principal investigator. The principal investigator (or designee) must attend the award presentation ceremony at the NYSCHP Annual Assembly. The Foundation will pay for a one night stay for one person at the NYSCHP Annual Assembly and will pay for one NYSCHP Annual Assembly registration for the principal investigator or designee. Awardees will be notified by early March.

Awarded Funds
Half of the award will be dispensed initially and the remaining half upon project completion.
Foundation awards consist of an honorarium, certificate and one free registration and one night accommodation to the NYSCHP’s Annual Assembly for the principal investigator or designee. Awarded funds cannot be applied to:
  A. The purchase of permanent equipment or facilities
  B. Travel expenses to present project findings
  C. Indirect costs or institutional overhead

The completed application of the project proposal in Microsoft Word or PDF format should be submitted to: Lisa Phillips c/o Shaun Flynn at [email protected]

To be accepted, the completed application must be submitted by February 15th, 2019.

Research Award Application

I. Award category (you may apply for more than one award category, but must submit a separate application for each)
II. Title of Proposed Project
III. Principal Investigator (note – this information should be removed on second/blinded version)
  a. Name
  b. Social Security Number
  c. Title
  d. Institution
  e. Division
  f. Mailing Address
  g. Phone Number
  h. Sponsoring Institution including division, mailing address, email address, and phone number:
IV. Other individuals in the proposal including name, title, institution, and division
V. A description of the proposed project plan under the following headings:
  a. Short description of project
  b. A short summary of previously published studies that also address the research question. Please indicate how your study might add to the existing literature
  c. Introduction - the project purpose, goals and objectives, rationale and previous work directly related to this project must be included
  d. Methodology - all methods to be used to complete the project, a timetable for completion of the project and the method of data analysis must be included. Be sure to explain how the study design and sample size will adequately allow you to
answer the research question.
  e. Potential benefits or anticipated significance to institutional pharmacy practice
  f. References
VI. Certification and Acceptance

It is understood and agreed by the undersigned that any grant received as a result of this application is subject to the following terms:
  a. Funds granted as a result of this request are to be expended for the research project as described in this application
  b. The statements contained in this application are true and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge
  c. Written reports as to the project findings (interim progress report at 6 months and the final report within 60 days of
completion of the project) will be supplied to the NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation upon termination of the
stated project period
  d. All reports of studies supported by this grant shall acknowledge such support
  e. Once the project is funded, the NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation requires that the project be either submitted to a peer-reviewed journal or presented during the poster session of the NYSCHP Annual Assembly. The amount of the award presented will depend on the final disposition of the project.
VII. Personal Signatures
     i. Principal Investigator: Date:
     ii. Department Director: Date:

NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation Research Awards

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting original research in the areas of safe and effective drug use and dosing in the geriatric population.

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conduction original research in the areas of safe and effective drug use and dosing in the pediatric and neonatal populations.

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting original research in the specialty areas of infectious diseases.

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting original research in the area of health-system pharmacy

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting original research in basic or clinical health-system pharmacy
practice as a means of advancing the practice of health-system pharmacy.

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting research on drug use in long term care facilities (i.e. Psychiatric, skilled nursing, etc.).

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting original research in the specialty area of bacterial infections in the HIV population.

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners and/or nurses conducting original research, which improves relations between the Nursing and Pharmacy profession and improves patient care through jointly conceived and implemented services.

Awarded to health-system pharmacy practitioners conducting an original drug study in the area of Medication Use Evaluation.

Priority is given to new or innovative projects and/or to principle investigators who are pharmacists primarily engaged in
institutional pharmacy practice.

Awarded for research conducted in the areas of monitoring the safe use of medications, adverse drug event detection and
reporting programs, assessing medication use risks and/or benefits, and developing programs focusing on safe medication use for healthcare providers and/or patients.

Last revised 11.4.14

NYSCHP REF Award Recipients


Dr. Henry Cohen
Glaxo Award: Comparison of Intermittent Infusion vs. Continuous Infusion of Cefuroxime in the Treatment of Lower Respiratory Infections

Geriatric Award: Alteration in Theophylline Protein Binding in Critically Ill Patients

Steven Benkert, RPh
Merck Award: Impact of Monitoring Peak and Trough Plasma Vancomycin Levels Versus Trough Plasma Levels Only on Prescribing Habits and Patient Care: An Outcomes Analysis

Rashella Minsteris
Pfizer Award: Knowledge of Preventive Behavior of Osteoporosis in Women of Various Age Groups: A survey

Dr. Damary Castanheira
Robert Wood Johnson Ortho Award: The Effects of Antimicrobial Drug Therapy on Acid Fast Bacilli Smear Negative, Culture Positive Mycobacteria Screening in HIV Positive Patients

Dr. Laurie Briceland
Demonstration Project Grant: Facilitation and Documentation of PharmD Clerkship Students’ Provision of Pharmaceutical Care by Palmtop Computerization


Dr. Darren Culshaw
Pfizer Award: The Impact of MHG Automatic Conversion Program: Atorvastain, Fluvastatin and Pravastatin to Simvastatin

Dr. Roy Guharoy
Lederle Research Award: National Survey of Therapeutic Substitution Policies and Practices in Academic and Non-academic Hospitals

Xue-Min Huang
UpJohn Research Award: ThePrevalence of Using an ACE-1 in the Diabetic Patient


Dr. Roy Guharoy
Seymour and Elizabeth Katz Award: Non-punitive Medication Error Reporting Systems


Eric Hopson and Nancy Waite
Demonstration Project Grant: Refining a Pharmacy-Managed Adult Pnuemococcal Vaccination Model


Dr. Jeanne Marraffa
Pfizer Award: TheSsignificance of CYP 2D6 Inhibition by Propoxyphene

Dr. Patrick Smith
UpJohn Award: Effect of St. John’s Wort on the Pharmacokinetics of Imatinib in Health Volunteers

Dr. Bishoy Luka
Merck Award: Cost-Effectiveness of Fomepizole Versus Ethanol in the Management of Acute Ethylene Glycol Toxicity

Dr. Stephanie Seyse
Geriatric Award: Assessment of Digoxin Prescribing for Patient Over 75 Years of Age

Dr. Adrienne Smith-McGough 
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: The Effect of Selected Cytochrome P450 Inhibitors on the Effectiveness of Tamoxifen in patients with Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer


Dr. Danielle Blais
Pfizer Award: Comparison of Nursing Assessment of Sedation in Bispectral Analysis in ICU Patients, A Pilot Study

Dr. Lisa Charneski
Glaxo Research Award: Penicillin Allergy May Be Hazardous to Your Health: Implementation of an Evidence Based Detection Process of True Allergy in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Marvin Knoeck, Jr
Merck Award: Single Dose Rasburicase Plus Oral Allopurinol: An Effective Alternative in the Management of Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Dr. Robert DiCenzo
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: Optimal Breast Cancer Adjuvant Chemotherapy Dosing in Obese and Overweight Women


Dr. Roy Guharoy
Lederle Research Award: Prevalence and Cost Savings of Therapeutic Interchange Among US Hospitals

Glaxo Research Award: National Surgical Infection Prevention Guideline: Practice Analysis and Identification of Areas for Improvement in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

UpJohn Award: A Comparison of Patient Medication Knowledge with and without Pharmacists Discharge Consultations

Karl Williams

Pfizer Award: CDTM Boot Camp

Royston Browne
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: A Randomized, Open Label Study for Comparing the efficacy of Gelchair® versus Mucositis Cocktail in Reducing chemotherapy Induced oral Mucositis Pain


Dr Roy Guharoy
Clinical Pharmacy Services Award: Impact of Adverse Drug Reaction Events (ADRE’s) on Hospital Readmission

Seymour & Elizabeth Katz Award: Benchmarking Impact of Multidisciplinary Team Initiated Computerized Physician Order Entry System on System Efficiency, Cost Containment and Improved Patient Outcome

Dr. Adrienne Smith-McGough
Medication Use Evaluation Award: Factor VIIa and Development of Institutional Prescribing Guidelines at a University Hospital

Dr. John Noviasky
Infectious Disease Research Award: Onychomycosis Treatment Using Topcial Menthol and Camphor (Aka Vick’s Vapor Rub) or Terbinafine Cream: A Perspective Study


Dr Roy Guharoy
Infectious Disease Pharmacy Research Award: Beta-Lactam Allergy-A Myth? A Multi-disciplinary Team Initiated Prospective Intervention Program in Addressing the Challenge

Dr. Adrienne Smith-McGough
Clinical Pharmacy Services Award: Project title, “Determining the Optimal Dose of Warfarin in Patients with Thyroid Disorders

NYSCHP Southern Tier Chapter
Demonstration Project Grant: Leadership Development and Membership Recruitment

Dr. Cindy Ippoliti
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Palfermin in HighRisk Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation Recipients


Dr. Elizabeth Phillips
The Medication Use Evaluation Research Award: Evaluation of a Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Scheme for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DV) Prevention

Dr. John Noviasky
The Geriatric Pharmacy Research Award: Impact of a Geriatric Team on the Outcomes of the Hospitalized Elderly Patient

Dr. Reetu Gupta
The Clinical Pharmacy Award: Correlation Between MDRD4 or Cockcrofy-Gault Equation and Gentamicin Clearance

NYSCHP 50th Anniversary
Demonstration Grant: Understanding the Millennial Mind

Dr. Jeffrey Steele
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: Rasburicase, a recombinant urate oxidase, n reduction of uric acid and prevention of acute renal failure associated with tumor lysis syndrome


Dr. Kelly Jacobs
The Pediatric Research Award: Characterization of Sedation Practices in Pediatric Intensive Care Units

Dr. Brianne Hefty
The Geratric Pharmacy Research Award: Correlation of Gentamicin Clearance with Variations of the Cockcroft-Gualt Equation and Modification of Diet in Renal Disease Equation for the Purpose of Characterizing Renal Function in Older Adults

Dr. Ester Kim
The Clinical Pharmacy Award: Utilization of Proton Pump Inhibitors at a Tertiary Care Teaching Institution: Consequences of Over-Prescribing

Dr Alice Ceacareanu
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: Diabetes Pharmacology in Breast Cancer: Quo Vadis?


Dr Alice Ceacareanu
The Clinical Pharmacy Award: Evaluating the prognostic value of adiponectin levels in diabetics with breast cancer - Role of insulin sensitizers

Dr Ashley Wieldon-Woodruff
The Infectious Disease Pharmacy Research Award: Development of a vancomycin dosing nomogram to target trough levels of 15-20 mg/L in a tertiary care teaching hospital

Dr Amber Ng
Amgen NYSCHP REF Oncology Leadership Award: Evaluation of safety and efficacy of collapsed-dose palifermin (Kepivance®) for oral mucositis prophylaxis in patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation at The Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC)


Dr Tiffany Bias
The Infectious Disease Research Award: Impact of Pharmacy Driven Intervention to Reduce Time to Initiation of Empiric Antibiotic Therapy.
Dr. Rachael Aletti
 The Pharmacy Administration Research Award: A Comparison of Pharmacists and Technicians in checking automatic unit dose medications in an academic teaching hospital. “Tech check Tech”
Dr. Angela Cheng
 The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Prospective Study to Evaluate the Impact of Direct Pharmacist Care on the Clinical Outcomes of Heart Failure Patients in a Collaborative Care Setting
Dr. Ashley Richardson
 The Seymour and Elizabeth Katz Award: Optimizing Patient Care Through Interprofessional Education


Roopali Sharma
 The Infectious Disease Research Award: Outcomes of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia and Cancomycin MIC in Hemodialysis Patients
 THE HIV PHARMACY RESEARCH AWARD: Use of Aspirin and Statins for primary prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke in HIV patients
Elizabeth Hansen
 The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Evaluation of the feasibility and utility of a pharmacist centered collaborative drug therapy management program for oncology based symptom management
Helene Maltz
 The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Impact of Pharmacist-provided Education on Heart Failure Readmission

Kobi Nathan
 The Medication Use Evaluation Research Award: Increasing Risk Awareness for Torsades de pointes: Evaluating QTc-prolonging Medication Use and Monitoring in Hospitalized Patients


Roopali Sharma
The Infectious Disease Pharmacy Research Award: Gram Negative Bacteremia: Are Short courses of Antimicrobial Therapy Feasible?

Jason Chheda
The Clinical Pharmacy (CPS)Services Research Award: Comparing Overall Congestive Heart Failure 30 Day Readmission Rates In Patients Utilizing the eMedonline Telephone System versus a Historical Control Group

Eric Sidman
The Clinical Pharmacy (CPS)Services Research Award: Transitions of care of anticoagulated patients: are current practice enough?

Rebecca Cope
The HIV Pharmacy Research Award: Evaluating the Effects of an Interdisciplinary Practice Model with Pharmacist Collaboration on HIV Patients Co-morbidities


Amy L. Dzierba
The Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Award: Pharmacokinetics of midazolam in adults undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Corey M. Hale
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: Comparison of AUC:MIC calculations with vancomycin trough serum concentrations in patients with confirmed MRSA infection

Maria A. Sorbera
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: Evaluation of sofosbuvir and simeprevir combination therapy in an HCV/HIV co-infected population
Martin Strait
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: Outcomes in community acquired pneumonia with a doxycycline containing regimen versus traditional regimens


Peter J. Aiello
The Pediatric Pharmacy Research Award:  Implementation of a Pharmacist Led Medication Management Program in a Pediatric Sickle Cell Ambulatory Care Clinic

Victor Chen
The Pediatric Pharmacy Research Award: Clinical Outcomes of NICU Patients with Staphylococcus epidermis Treated with Vancomycin

Pavel Goriacko
The Medication Use Evaluation Award: Safety of Dabigatran versus Warfarin in Chronic Liver Disease
Jason Babby
The Geriatric Pharmacy Research Award: A Basic Approach to Reduce Inappropriate Dosing of High Risk Drugs in Elderly Patients
Cory Hale
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award:  Characterization of Drug-Related Problems in Patients Receiving Outpatient Antimicrobial Therapy

Demetra Tsapepas
The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Innovating in Pharmacy Practice, Virtual Medication Education for Organ Transplant Recipients


Danielle R. Longo
The David Adelman Pharmacovigilance Award: Integrating an ambulatory care pharmacist into the transitions of care process at an academic medical center for patients on high risk medications.

Joshua V. Schrader
The Geriatric Pharmacy Research Award: Readmission Rates Associated with High-Risk Medication Prescribing in Elderly Patients.


Bejoy Maniara
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: Assessing the risk of nephrotoxicity associated with non-renally adjusted intravenous polymyxin B compared to traditional dosing.

Victoria Huang
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: Risk factors for readmission in patients with outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy.

Nikki Bhogal
The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Pharmacy-Led Interventional Bundle to Reduce Readmissions: COPD Medication Management, Disease State Education and Discharge Phone Calls.

Nikki Bhogal
The Seymour & Elizabeth Katz Memorial Fund Award: Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores and Reducing Readmissions: A Pharmacy and Nursing Collaboration.


Billy Sin
The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Implementation of a novel practice model to mitigate opioid utilization in the emergency department.

Grace Shyh
The Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award: Opioid stewardship: Establishing best practices in acute pain management to promote safe and effective opioid use.

Brian T. Mogle
The David Adelman Pharmacovigilance Award: Optimizing vancomycin therapeutic drug monitoring by identifying area under the concentration-time curve thresholds for efficacy and nephrotoxicity in a real-world population of adults patients with MRSA bacteremia: a retrospective cohert analysis.

 Bejoy Maniara
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: Assessment of dual-carbapenem treatment efficacy in patients with infections caused by carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Julia Sessa
The Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Research Award: The Impact of the Duration of Antibiotic Therapy in Community-Onset Pneumonia Patients on Readmission Rates: A Retrospective Cohort Study.

Matthew Li
The Medication Use Award: Impact of Home Psychotropic Medication Reinitiation of Intensive Care Unit Delirium.


Bejoy Maniara
The Joseph Pinto Resident Essay Award